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A Room Within

A Room Within is part pop up restaurant, part theatre and part cultural ritual.

Originally set in the dining room of performer Nancy Sposato’s private residence, each evening 10 audience members gathered at her front gate. Sposato welcomed her guests into a space that was domestic and relaxed.


A dining room of strangers feast on a meal and memories to an evocative live musical soundscape. 


A Room Within employs the ancient ritual of sharing a meal to facilitate a deep poetic conversation that enables us to reflect on the basics of living. 


A Room Within is an experience that seduces all the senses and is teaming with heart.



I’ll be honest with you. I want you to enjoy your meal. That’s why I’ve invited you here. There’s lots of food. I’ve been preparing for you. All day. All year. Forever


I’ve watched people spend lifetimes in kitchens. Cutting and cleaning and shelling and stirring and stirring and stirring. It wasn’t just cooking that took place in those kitchens. There was more than simply that.

Concept & Performance by Nancy Sposato

Original Soundscore Composed and Performed by Natasha Moszenin

Dramaturgy by Eddie Patterson

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