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A way to stand out in the crowd, clarify information and develop new ideas.

Stand Out

Illustration offers a unique approach that can support organisations to stand out.

This illustration was created for Kempsey Children's Services as a way to describe their organisations vision in an interesting yet meaningful way within funding proposals and presentations. 

Every aspect of the image is symbolic of a philosophical or structural element of their service.

Offer Clarity

Inforgraphics can be used as an effective communication device.

​Illustration can cut through the hum drum of too much written or verbal explanation. An image offers your audience a refreshing way to engage with your content.

This illustration was created for the Accept Difference website. Influenced by the game of spot the difference, here we have spot the inclusion.

Develop your ideas

Developing an illustration can serve as a fun way to nut out and visualise new projects, plus the working drawings can also be used on social media, websites and presentations  

Hunter Prelude commissioned these working drawings as part of a promotional video concept development for their playgroup program Play 2 Learn. The illustrations highlight the playgroup programs core aspects; qualified educators, innovative multi service collaboration and inclusion.

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